Friday, July 9, 2010

Gotta move outside…

It’s just too pretty to stay inside. My plants are screaming for attention and it’s only fair that I abide. They have been extremely kind to me since my transition to this area.

It’s been almost three years since we moved from the mountain area and I am still having to get use to the difference in sunlight for my plants. In my former neighborhood, there were trees and trees and even more trees. Even had to cut a few to pipe some sunshine into the 60’s house. (Sent the previous owners into cardiac arrest apparently. The husband stopped by one day and told us he couldn’t even drive Patty by anymore, she was so distraught. Oh well…bzzzzz…as another tree fell) NOTE TO ANYONE MOVING FROM A FAMILY HOME..severe the ties and let it go! geez.

Well back to this house…this area use to be cotton fields. So the soil is great. Things grow unbelievably. However, the sunlight is so direct, even full sun plants are gasping. I am mainly referring to my container plants. The sprinkler system gets the beds. (water company loves loves loves us!) Does anyone have any suggestions for high heat tolerant plants in window boxes? I have various potato vines in them now, but they are struggling and it breaks my heart to know their siblings are flourishing in the lower containers.

IMG_1944 IMG_2223


IMG_2226 IMG_1948

Also, fast growing vines. What’s been your favorite and how fast? Greg and I built this visor pergola to help shade the back of the house. Yes…I included myself in this project! I am really tired of people thinking that Greg does all the building by himself. It was a weekend project. I drew the design. Decided how much wood was required (ok, so a second trip was needed to Lowe’s) Made the cuts with the jigsaw, while he mounted them. Even helped with that part, once the longer pieces needed to be installed. SO HEY EVERYBODY…Greg was not solo on this one. Ok…I feel better now that you all know that. Hey a girl needs her credit!

House 001Before pergola (just begging for something)

House 013 House 015

In process…

Anyway, I finally found two evergreen clematis (armandii) to plant on both sides. I’m waiting patiently. HAHAHAHAHA!! You all know I have no patience. I’m thinking I may try to mingle a second faster growing vine in there. ??? I love the look of vines. But I hate the way they look in the winter. I searched high and low for the armandii. Supposedly it stays green all year long and blooms small white flowers in early spring.

IMG_2213 IMG_2220

Evergreen Clematis vines taking their dear sweet time.

IMG_2217 Gotta throw those AU tigers in there whenever possibleIMG_2228I already love it. But I just know when that vine starts it wrapping process, I am going to feel such an accomplishment.


This is not my house, but this is ultimately what I hope to see from my vine.

Gimme me feedback master gardners!!!

Time to go get my hands dirty. Until next time….


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh the places you will go...

...and the things you will see (and buy).

What a GREAT weekend. First let me begin by thanking all of the men and women who give so generously of themselves to serve our country. It is a true blessing to live in the USA!

What fun I did have this past weekend. It began on Friday afternoon with a visit to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro. If you have never been, it is worth the time to make a trip. Remember's a hit or miss. All I walked away with this time was a "brand new" Calloway golf shirt for my hubby and a cool landscaping book. Missed out on this cool jacket.

Next, traveled to Gorham's Bluff to visit with family for the evening. We sidetracked for dinner to Canyon Grill for the famous "Slash-n-Burn" catfish. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!

Saturday morning it was off to Chattanooga. First stop...Knitting Mill Antiques. Found a few Mason Jars. Thanks to The Shappy Nest for all the cool jar ideas. I have the perfect place in my master bath.

Next stop...Architectural Salvage. Great stop! A few months back I had noticed a wine display in my House Beautiful magazine. It was made with underground ceramic pipe. Never dreamed I would locate the piping. I DID! Dirty and in desperate need of cleaning, but nevertheless, the perfect find. Now on a mission for a cabinet to hold them. Suggestions are always welcome!!!

Ok next stop...The Dwelling. OMG! First time visit here for me. Absolutely one of the best consignment shops for home decor I have ever visisted. Two lamps!! Saw a trunk I wanted, but my brother refused to let me purchase due to space. I'm headed back up there just as soon as possible to get it myself.

While I was there, I noticed a card on the counter advertising a local designer. As you all know, I am new to the "blogging". I noticed her blog address. Grabbed me a card and looked her up. I am now a follower (just sounds so cultish) Take a look She has some really neat ideas.

After a few more stops to some antique malls in the Chattanooga area and a few more purchases that I won't bore you with, we decided it was time to head back home and participate in some more traditional July 4th festivities. Fireworks, BBQ, river and FAMILY. It was a great weekend!!!

Can't wait to begin turning my latest finds into my treasures.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Greg and I spent last Saturday in Cave Springs, GA attempting to treasure hunt. The small Mayberry type downtown shops were cute and neat, but we came up short in the treasure search. All I seem to walk away with was a $1 bag of green wooden apples(they are pretty cute, if I must say so)and a big lunch that I certainly didn't need to be eating on a hot day.

We decided to venture on up towards Rome, GA. Surely the GPS could find some antique shops. did! Only 13 miles away was an Antique Shop by the name Skelton Red Barn Antiques. Sounded good. Red Barn? I mean what red barn wouldn't have something good. Right? was interesting. As we entered the front room of the "barn", we were greeted by a little old lady. She reminded me so much of my grandmother. You could tell she probably had some Native American blood in her. She told us immediately that they specialized in reconditioning antique trunks. Even handed me a flyer with 33 (mind you) uses for a trunk. From storing tablecloths to old toys. LOL! I personally think I could have come up with at least 100, but space on the flyer was somewhat limited. It was really very cute. Then we walked right in to the trap!!! She was smooth. She said, "Come over here I want to show you something very neat." Displayed so neatly, was the original doctor's bag of the late Dr. Lewis. Apparently, Rome's local Dr. that made house calls way back when. It's contents were laid out precisely on the shelf of the glass cabinet. I must admit it was pretty cool. She had pictures of Dr. Lewis and local newspaper articles of his community service. Anyone from Rome, GA would certainly appreciate this. But I never knew Dr. Lewis, so to me it was just a neat old doctor's bag. Well...I start looking around and I notice in the back area of the "barn", lots and lots of neat things. As Greg and I stroll to the back, we notice that the items are laid out where you must walk through an aisle. That's not unusual, lots of places have you walk through aisles. But then it hit us...we were trapped. Located on the top of the glass case was a handwritten sign stating..."Museum Starts Here...FREE" Oh no! Greg just looked at me with wide eyes, (it's that oh chit look we give each other) We started to turn around and gradually leave the area, but there she stood. She began her "spill". It started with the Indian arrowheads, then to the Civil War era, then next was JFK. She had some really neat artifacts and treasures from each of these eras. HOWEVER...not a one was for sale. Greg nicely ask, is any of this for sale? "Oh no" was her reply. My late husband acquired all these and he's been in heaven for 14 years. Then she continued with the free tour. Well...I kept gazing at my watch, knowing my hunting time was narrowing down minute by minute. And remember, so far only a bag of wooden apples. So I certainly had the fever. Just looking around...we located an old life size wooden doll house (oh Ansley Kate would have loved it!!!) Some old guns and fishing equipment. An absolutely beautiful buffet cabinet. The list just goes on and on. Again, Greg asked.."So is any of these items over here, pointing in the opposite direction of the tour, for sale?" Again he was told, this time in an abrupt tone, "NO! It's just for the museum!" Well THANK GOODNESS for cellphones. Mine just happen to buzz in my pocket. Well at least I thought it did. :) I immediately left the area and started my Oscar winning performance. "Greg...we have to leave. You mother is ready to meet us for dinner". Yep...sorry, all I could come up with. (No wonder Sandra Bullock got the award this year) there it was the excuse to leave the building and not hurt this precious old lady's heart. Oh....but she wasn't through. We had to sit in the cadillac rocker made by a local company. They only cost $1300 a piece and it takes six months to fill your order. (obviously the backers of the free museum) We complied and sat for, oh about 30 seconds, and then got the heck out this place. Leaving the "Red Barn" (I was sure she was coming out after us, with a shotgun or something.) Her fading words, "Come back one day when you have an extra couple of hours." SURE THING!! Count on that one. Hopped in the car for the quick get away. Again...just glaring at each other with the "Oh Chit" look. We just burst into laughter. Such suckers we are!

Sometimes treasures come in memories. This one is surely a classic for us.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Junk to Treasure

I won't continue to bore you with details of "what happened next" with the building process. It's not hard to figure out. We finished in record time. Aching bodies and all. Now it's just one project after another.
This blog entry is dedicated to my treasures. Pieces that I have obtained through either an auction, salvage or thrifting through an antique shop. Budget buys are always the best. There's not a better feeling than spotting a piece you love and flipping that price tag over and saying "YES!!!". Or....haggling for a better price, knowing that you would pay double just to take it home.

Ultimate husband rocked the entire area. Well...with the help of Bud (lite)

I found this fish butter mold at White Elephant in Mentone for $10.

Auction find! $35

Auction find! $175

Antique Ink Block! $10 each (I used them to hang my drapes)

FREE!!! Hubby brought this find home one day after helping his dad do some stump grinding for a lady who cut down some Ash Trees! (Pottery Barn sells these for over $100)

Clearance Sale at Old Time Pottery...$7 each. I just loved them. Below...I thought the snow had killed them. They're TOUGH!

$20 Slalom Ski found at an Antique shop in Destin.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What happened next we uprooted and moved ourselves into a rental home. Might I add, this rental home was owned and located right beside my in-laws. So needless to say, there was never an idle moment. I remember one night, as my husband and I worked laying the slate floor in a bathroom, I just sat down crying and saying how tired I was. My husband just sat and laughed at me. Til this day he doesn't let me forget that enduring moment. "This was your idea...remember?" That slate floor still has tear stained blemishes.

Was there an end in sight? I began to think there wasn't. Needless to say, many a glass of wine and many more Bud Lites (by my hubby) were consumed to help with the body aches. Over 40 yr old's ......"nough said!".

It was fun...designing and choosing colors, light fixtures, flooring, etc. But then came the kitchen.

As you can see from the previous posts, there was nothing there. Now let me add....I'm no cook. Never claim to enjoy whipping up dishes to feed the masses. I cook because I raised two boys who were always hungry. Just ask them... as they were growing up there was the weekly routine of meals...sloppy joes, spaghetti, chicken fingers, steaks...and the "infamous" Holland Hot Dogs (another blog). So....designing a kitchen was not going to be easy for me. Also, add the fact the area to design was rather small. But hey....a challenge? I'm always up for one. Below is the outcome. I am pleased! It is one of my favorite rooms to date.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


As I wash my dishes, I'll be following a plan,
Till I see the brightness in ev'ry pot and pan.
I am sure this point of view will ease the daily grind,
So I'll keep repeating in my mind.

Look for the silver lining
When e'er a cloud appears in the blue.
Remember somewhere, the sun is shining
And so the right thing to do is make it shine for you.

A heart, full of joy and gladness
Will always banish sadness and strife
So always look for the silver lining
And try to find the sunny side of life.
(just an old Judy Garland song that pretty much sums things up) I begin this journey (blog), I am stumbling with the very first assignment. THE BACKGROUND! Just when you think you got this html "stuff" conquered. LOL!!! Who knows how this will appear???

Give me time...I will get it...I HOPE!

I really don't know why I have decided to explore the world of blogging. Otherthan the fact, I am craving to meet people from various spectrums that may possibly have some of the same interests as myself. As you can see, I am a very simple person. At the time, my goal is quite simple, to turn my modest home into my "dream home".

In 2008, my husband and I decided to sell our home in an area we had lived for over 20 years. Now...grant it...we were not leaving the county we lived in, only the community. But in the south...that's a BIG deal! We grew up in that community, we raised our children in that community and all of our friends were in that community. But, it was time. Our oldest son had married and moved out of the community and our youngest son was off at college in a different town. We needed a change! More of an adventure. So....the hunt was on.

We began looking. Made lists of what we wanted in a home. We enjoyed home projects, so of course we were looking for a home we could put our touch on. Nothing too big...we didn't want to spend too much time cleaning. Just enough yard for my husband's therapy. (mine is shopping, his is mowing....but hey, it works!) We looked at soooo many homes. Mostly new constructions. You see...we had just moved from a 1960's home we had renovated over the last five years. And prior to that, we had moved from a house we built ourselves. (those are future blog entries) No...this time, we were going to move right in. LOL!!!!!!!

One day, or should I say late evening, we happened upon a "new construction" home site, that was about 70% complete. It was on the other side of the town. In an area where we knew very few people. It looked as if noone had been at the site for months. If you have ever watched Christmas vacation and remember the smile on Clark's face as the gleam of light shines down on the the Griwald Christmas tree in the middle of nowhere with snow all around, then you can imagine the look on my face. My husband....well, he was like Audry with frozen lips. I just looked at him and said, "this is it!". He said, "NO WAY!" Oh....but WAY!!

Immediately I began searching for a contact name. Remember, we knew noone in this area. We finally found a telephone number stapled to a post. After many failed attempts, we finally reached a human being. Yep....the contractor had gone belly up. (he had yet to realize that, but he had) To try to put it in a was our "as is" offer vs. his 'I can finish this job and make money". WE WON!

Moved in a rental home and had a 70% complete home. Yep....we won! LOL!

Remember, always look for the Silver Lining!

to be continued....

(Below) Greg standing in disbelief or what we are about to embark upon

A couple of views of the kitchen area.