Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What happened next we uprooted and moved ourselves into a rental home. Might I add, this rental home was owned and located right beside my in-laws. So needless to say, there was never an idle moment. I remember one night, as my husband and I worked laying the slate floor in a bathroom, I just sat down crying and saying how tired I was. My husband just sat and laughed at me. Til this day he doesn't let me forget that enduring moment. "This was your idea...remember?" That slate floor still has tear stained blemishes.

Was there an end in sight? I began to think there wasn't. Needless to say, many a glass of wine and many more Bud Lites (by my hubby) were consumed to help with the body aches. Over 40 yr old's ......"nough said!".

It was fun...designing and choosing colors, light fixtures, flooring, etc. But then came the kitchen.

As you can see from the previous posts, there was nothing there. Now let me add....I'm no cook. Never claim to enjoy whipping up dishes to feed the masses. I cook because I raised two boys who were always hungry. Just ask them... as they were growing up there was the weekly routine of meals...sloppy joes, spaghetti, chicken fingers, steaks...and the "infamous" Holland Hot Dogs (another blog). So....designing a kitchen was not going to be easy for me. Also, add the fact the area to design was rather small. But hey....a challenge? I'm always up for one. Below is the outcome. I am pleased! It is one of my favorite rooms to date.

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  1. Nancy! I LOVE the kitchen! And you area right! Our tastes are SO similar!!! Your island is black and mind is red, but mine was ALMOST black! My cabinets are cream and my countertops are "in the process" of being black! I am spray painting those hummers!

    AND my kitchen walls are green! What a hoot!

    Looks GREAT!

    Lou Cinda :)