Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Oh the places you will go...

...and the things you will see (and buy).

What a GREAT weekend. First let me begin by thanking all of the men and women who give so generously of themselves to serve our country. It is a true blessing to live in the USA!

What fun I did have this past weekend. It began on Friday afternoon with a visit to Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro. If you have never been, it is worth the time to make a trip. Remember though...it's a hit or miss. All I walked away with this time was a "brand new" Calloway golf shirt for my hubby and a cool landscaping book. Missed out on this cool jacket.

Next, traveled to Gorham's Bluff to visit with family for the evening. We sidetracked for dinner to Canyon Grill for the famous "Slash-n-Burn" catfish. ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!

Saturday morning it was off to Chattanooga. First stop...Knitting Mill Antiques. Found a few Mason Jars. Thanks to The Shappy Nest for all the cool jar ideas. I have the perfect place in my master bath.

Next stop...Architectural Salvage. Great stop! A few months back I had noticed a wine display in my House Beautiful magazine. It was made with underground ceramic pipe. Never dreamed I would locate the piping. I DID! Dirty and in desperate need of cleaning, but nevertheless, the perfect find. Now on a mission for a cabinet to hold them. Suggestions are always welcome!!!

Ok next stop...The Dwelling. OMG! First time visit here for me. Absolutely one of the best consignment shops for home decor I have ever visisted. Two lamps!! Saw a trunk I wanted, but my brother refused to let me purchase due to space. I'm headed back up there just as soon as possible to get it myself.

While I was there, I noticed a card on the counter advertising a local designer. As you all know, I am new to the "blogging". I noticed her blog address. Grabbed me a card and looked her up. I am now a follower (just sounds so cultish) Take a look http://chattafabulous.blogspot.com/. She has some really neat ideas.

After a few more stops to some antique malls in the Chattanooga area and a few more purchases that I won't bore you with, we decided it was time to head back home and participate in some more traditional July 4th festivities. Fireworks, BBQ, river and FAMILY. It was a great weekend!!!

Can't wait to begin turning my latest finds into my treasures.


  1. Love Canyon Grill! Love Unclaimed Baggage! But The Dwelling? I need directions girl!!

    Sounds like you had a blast!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. Coming by from Lou Cinda's! First I must say a BIG....WAR EAGLE...LOVE those TIGERS! Also love blue mason jars...I think I have been using them for 10 years or more...soooo many awesome ways to change them up:) Unclaimed Baggage sounds like a place that I would really love...if I'm in the area I will for sure check it out!