Monday, June 28, 2010

Treasure Hunting

Greg and I spent last Saturday in Cave Springs, GA attempting to treasure hunt. The small Mayberry type downtown shops were cute and neat, but we came up short in the treasure search. All I seem to walk away with was a $1 bag of green wooden apples(they are pretty cute, if I must say so)and a big lunch that I certainly didn't need to be eating on a hot day.

We decided to venture on up towards Rome, GA. Surely the GPS could find some antique shops. did! Only 13 miles away was an Antique Shop by the name Skelton Red Barn Antiques. Sounded good. Red Barn? I mean what red barn wouldn't have something good. Right? was interesting. As we entered the front room of the "barn", we were greeted by a little old lady. She reminded me so much of my grandmother. You could tell she probably had some Native American blood in her. She told us immediately that they specialized in reconditioning antique trunks. Even handed me a flyer with 33 (mind you) uses for a trunk. From storing tablecloths to old toys. LOL! I personally think I could have come up with at least 100, but space on the flyer was somewhat limited. It was really very cute. Then we walked right in to the trap!!! She was smooth. She said, "Come over here I want to show you something very neat." Displayed so neatly, was the original doctor's bag of the late Dr. Lewis. Apparently, Rome's local Dr. that made house calls way back when. It's contents were laid out precisely on the shelf of the glass cabinet. I must admit it was pretty cool. She had pictures of Dr. Lewis and local newspaper articles of his community service. Anyone from Rome, GA would certainly appreciate this. But I never knew Dr. Lewis, so to me it was just a neat old doctor's bag. Well...I start looking around and I notice in the back area of the "barn", lots and lots of neat things. As Greg and I stroll to the back, we notice that the items are laid out where you must walk through an aisle. That's not unusual, lots of places have you walk through aisles. But then it hit us...we were trapped. Located on the top of the glass case was a handwritten sign stating..."Museum Starts Here...FREE" Oh no! Greg just looked at me with wide eyes, (it's that oh chit look we give each other) We started to turn around and gradually leave the area, but there she stood. She began her "spill". It started with the Indian arrowheads, then to the Civil War era, then next was JFK. She had some really neat artifacts and treasures from each of these eras. HOWEVER...not a one was for sale. Greg nicely ask, is any of this for sale? "Oh no" was her reply. My late husband acquired all these and he's been in heaven for 14 years. Then she continued with the free tour. Well...I kept gazing at my watch, knowing my hunting time was narrowing down minute by minute. And remember, so far only a bag of wooden apples. So I certainly had the fever. Just looking around...we located an old life size wooden doll house (oh Ansley Kate would have loved it!!!) Some old guns and fishing equipment. An absolutely beautiful buffet cabinet. The list just goes on and on. Again, Greg asked.."So is any of these items over here, pointing in the opposite direction of the tour, for sale?" Again he was told, this time in an abrupt tone, "NO! It's just for the museum!" Well THANK GOODNESS for cellphones. Mine just happen to buzz in my pocket. Well at least I thought it did. :) I immediately left the area and started my Oscar winning performance. "Greg...we have to leave. You mother is ready to meet us for dinner". Yep...sorry, all I could come up with. (No wonder Sandra Bullock got the award this year) there it was the excuse to leave the building and not hurt this precious old lady's heart. Oh....but she wasn't through. We had to sit in the cadillac rocker made by a local company. They only cost $1300 a piece and it takes six months to fill your order. (obviously the backers of the free museum) We complied and sat for, oh about 30 seconds, and then got the heck out this place. Leaving the "Red Barn" (I was sure she was coming out after us, with a shotgun or something.) Her fading words, "Come back one day when you have an extra couple of hours." SURE THING!! Count on that one. Hopped in the car for the quick get away. Again...just glaring at each other with the "Oh Chit" look. We just burst into laughter. Such suckers we are!

Sometimes treasures come in memories. This one is surely a classic for us.

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  1. Girl, I was laughing out loud at this one! I could just visualize the whole scene playing out before my eyes!! Note to self: AVOID the Red Barn!! And I was in Rome just a few weeks ago and miss out!!

    Have a good fourth!

    Lou Cinda :)

    I will do a mention of your blog on mine, that usually will send visitors your way! I think your blog looks wonderful!! (Love the Oh Chit) LOL