Thursday, June 24, 2010

Junk to Treasure

I won't continue to bore you with details of "what happened next" with the building process. It's not hard to figure out. We finished in record time. Aching bodies and all. Now it's just one project after another.
This blog entry is dedicated to my treasures. Pieces that I have obtained through either an auction, salvage or thrifting through an antique shop. Budget buys are always the best. There's not a better feeling than spotting a piece you love and flipping that price tag over and saying "YES!!!". Or....haggling for a better price, knowing that you would pay double just to take it home.

Ultimate husband rocked the entire area. Well...with the help of Bud (lite)

I found this fish butter mold at White Elephant in Mentone for $10.

Auction find! $35

Auction find! $175

Antique Ink Block! $10 each (I used them to hang my drapes)

FREE!!! Hubby brought this find home one day after helping his dad do some stump grinding for a lady who cut down some Ash Trees! (Pottery Barn sells these for over $100)

Clearance Sale at Old Time Pottery...$7 each. I just loved them. Below...I thought the snow had killed them. They're TOUGH!

$20 Slalom Ski found at an Antique shop in Destin.

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