Friday, July 9, 2010

Gotta move outside…

It’s just too pretty to stay inside. My plants are screaming for attention and it’s only fair that I abide. They have been extremely kind to me since my transition to this area.

It’s been almost three years since we moved from the mountain area and I am still having to get use to the difference in sunlight for my plants. In my former neighborhood, there were trees and trees and even more trees. Even had to cut a few to pipe some sunshine into the 60’s house. (Sent the previous owners into cardiac arrest apparently. The husband stopped by one day and told us he couldn’t even drive Patty by anymore, she was so distraught. Oh well…bzzzzz…as another tree fell) NOTE TO ANYONE MOVING FROM A FAMILY HOME..severe the ties and let it go! geez.

Well back to this house…this area use to be cotton fields. So the soil is great. Things grow unbelievably. However, the sunlight is so direct, even full sun plants are gasping. I am mainly referring to my container plants. The sprinkler system gets the beds. (water company loves loves loves us!) Does anyone have any suggestions for high heat tolerant plants in window boxes? I have various potato vines in them now, but they are struggling and it breaks my heart to know their siblings are flourishing in the lower containers.

IMG_1944 IMG_2223


IMG_2226 IMG_1948

Also, fast growing vines. What’s been your favorite and how fast? Greg and I built this visor pergola to help shade the back of the house. Yes…I included myself in this project! I am really tired of people thinking that Greg does all the building by himself. It was a weekend project. I drew the design. Decided how much wood was required (ok, so a second trip was needed to Lowe’s) Made the cuts with the jigsaw, while he mounted them. Even helped with that part, once the longer pieces needed to be installed. SO HEY EVERYBODY…Greg was not solo on this one. Ok…I feel better now that you all know that. Hey a girl needs her credit!

House 001Before pergola (just begging for something)

House 013 House 015

In process…

Anyway, I finally found two evergreen clematis (armandii) to plant on both sides. I’m waiting patiently. HAHAHAHAHA!! You all know I have no patience. I’m thinking I may try to mingle a second faster growing vine in there. ??? I love the look of vines. But I hate the way they look in the winter. I searched high and low for the armandii. Supposedly it stays green all year long and blooms small white flowers in early spring.

IMG_2213 IMG_2220

Evergreen Clematis vines taking their dear sweet time.

IMG_2217 Gotta throw those AU tigers in there whenever possibleIMG_2228I already love it. But I just know when that vine starts it wrapping process, I am going to feel such an accomplishment.


This is not my house, but this is ultimately what I hope to see from my vine.

Gimme me feedback master gardners!!!

Time to go get my hands dirty. Until next time….



  1. I'm no master gardner, but I love to garden. In my neck of the woods we get lots of dry heat during the summer so everything I plant needs to be pretty much drought tolerent. You pergola will be really pretty in a while. It looks good now! I heard you were new to the blogging world, so am I. Welcome!